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Who can become a Bridgeway volunteer?

Individuals who would like to learn and share new skills as they support people seeking recovery from addiction or psychiatric illness.

Adults 18 or older are eligible to apply. Students and interns in the area are encouraged to apply. Your work here can count towards an internship or practicum, and our online time tracking tool makes it easy to maintain and print records of your hours. Contact the program at (503) 363-2021 for more information.

How can I become a Bridgeway volunteer?

Complete and submit our Volunteer Application. You can submit the application by email to, fax it to (971) 273-7704, mail it to P.O. Box 17818 Salem, OR 97305, or deliver it to 250 Church St. SE, Suite 202, Salem, OR 97301. We accept volunteer applications year-round. Interviews and volunteer training/orientation are conducted on a quarterly basis.

Applicants who have passed a background check will be invited to participate in the interview process. Applicants who are selected to become volunteers are then scheduled to attend training and orientation.

As a volunteer, what can I expect?

Background Check: Due to the nature of our work, all applicants will be subject to a criminal background check. Having a criminal history does not in itself disqualify anyone from becoming a Bridgeway volunteer. The purpose of conducting a criminal background check is to determine the length of time elapsed since and the severity of any convictions. Bridgeway reserves the right to deny any applicant based on their criminal history.

Interview: An interview will occur upon passing our background check to ensure a successful match between you, our agency, and the position.

Orientation: We provide an orientation that acquaints you with Bridgeway Recovery Services’ policies and procedures. Also included are the expectations you should have for Bridgeway, expectations Bridgeway has of you, and general information about the services we provide. The orientation is provided by the Human Resources Director and program supervisors.

Training: Bridgeway provides department specific training. At the time of training, you will receive a department orientation which will include training on department-specific policies and procedures and supervision to develop necessary skills.

Recognition: Bridgeway recognizes each volunteer’s contribution. As a Bridgeway Recovery Services Volunteer you will be thanked for your contribution. Each spring during National Volunteer Week, our volunteers are thanked and recognized.

Evaluation and Feedback: Bridgeway will evaluate the work that you have accomplished and provide guidance on the expectations of the volunteer position. As a valued volunteer, you are invited to offer ideas and suggestions that help keep Bridgeway’s programs and services in touch with the needs of the individuals we serve.

Questions about our volunteer program?

Please direct your questions about our volunteer program to our HR Department. You can email HR at

Currently a volunteer?