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Mental Health

Recognize the link between mental health symptoms and substance use disorder.

Our Mental Health program helps individuals learn to manage the impact their symptoms have on substance use, relationships, and in daily life.

Coordinated Care

We practice holistic and trauma-informed care and provide integrated health care services to support those struggling with mental illness, whether it’s depression, anxiety, PTSD, or another disorder. Credentialed in both mental health and addiction treatment, our professional therapists are here to help, encourage, support, and provide opportunities for lasting recovery.

Individual Approach

Bridgeway understands that every individual’s path to treatment is unique. Our mental health services begin with an initial assessment followed by a treatment plan created by you and your therapist that helps you set goals for your overall wellness.

Our services include relationship-based individual counseling, skill-building groups, couples and family counseling, and peer support services.

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