Bridgeway Recovery Services is now Bridgeway Community Health

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Welcome to Bridgeway groups! Please note that you must be enrolled as a client and have been signed up for the group(s) listed by your counselor before clicking on any group links below. If you are a current client and are interested in a group, please talk to your counselor about getting enrolled. Please click here for our guidelines for engaging in telehealth services. See you in group!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What video service do we use?

A: We use Microsoft Teams as our video platform for Telehealth.

Q: Can I join a group if I am not a client?

A: Groups are only available to enrolled clients. Visit our Contact Page or give us a call to ask about getting enrolled.

Q: I am an enrolled client, how do I connect to a group?

A: The link at the bottom of the group description will take you to the Teams webpage which will guide you through connecting to the meeting.