When Bridgeway Community Health thought about what our clients needed to help support their overall health, one clear component stuck out – the need for dental care.   

Many years ago, Renee Hancock, Chief Operating Officer, began looking into the possibilities of Bridgeway supporting a program that would advocate and nurture the importance of dental care to help sustain overall health. It is well documented that oral health problems are among the most prevalent health problems associated with drug addiction. Over the past 13 years, I have seen so many wonderful people pass through our doors who are struggling with substance use who really want to address their dental needs, but for many reasons (one being shame) they do not seek dental treatment. Finding a way to integrate the services, has taken a long time… Our goal has always been to help individuals in our community begin a journey of holistic healing.

Thus began another dream for BRS and starting today (6/10/22) we are proud to say this dream has come to fruition! 

Working in conjunction with Capitol Dental Care a onsite Van will be at our Bridgeway Plaza parking lot (750 Front Street NE in Salem) once per week to provide FREE dental screenings for anyone.  For those that have Capitol Dental as their OHP dental plan, services provided include 

          Dental Assessments                 Fluoride 

          X-rays                                      Dental Sealants 

          Cleanings                                 Treatment Referrals 

Children and adults are welcome. To make an appointment or if you have any questions, please reach out to your counselor, or call Bridgeway at 503-363-2021 and we are happy to help.