In March of 2020,  the leaders of Bridgeway Community Health made the difficult but appropriate decision to temporarily close the Sandra Bloom House, a substance use residential treatment facility for women located in Stayton, Oregon.  The closure decision was made in order to protect residents and staff from the increased spread of COVID 19.  Realizing the potential impacts to clients coping with substance use, and the ease on restrictions for COVID 19, Bridgeway Recovery Leadership went to extraordinary efforts to reopen the Sandra Bloom House on November 21, 2022.  Now, the Program is once again able to accept clients for inpatient care, medication-assisted treatments, and in-person and online support groups. 

Over the past decade, researchers and practitioners have become increasingly aware of the significant relationship between trauma exposure and substance use disorders among women. As many as 80 percent of women who are seeking treatment for substance use disorders report a lifetime history of sexual assault, physical assault, or both.  Sandra Bloom House offers well-trained counselors who understand the role that trauma plays in the lives of people struggling with chemical dependency, a concept known as trauma informed care. Trauma-informed care acknowledges the need to understand a client’s life experiences in order to deliver effective care and has the potential to improve client engagement, treatment adherence and health outcomes. The best residential care programs for the treatment of substance and drug abuse offer a safe environment for individuals to detox, receive medical support, participate in individual and group therapy and learn the skills needed to prevent relapse.  

Carlos Obed Texidor Maldonado, Bridgeway’s Director of Behavioral Health encouraged the re-opening of The Sandra Bloom House.  “Bridgeway understands the great need for residential care in our communities, and we are taking one step forward in answering the call and filling in the gap.  It is our pleasure and honor to serve.”  

For more information about the Sandra Bloom House, please contact Bridgeway Community Health at 503-363-2021. 

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