Residential Treatment Services


Bridgeway welcomes those struggling with substance abuse and problem gambling into a safe, confidential, and therapeutic environment.

Getting Started to Stop

Our residential treatment program is designed to provide rehabilitation for people whose symptoms have reached a point to where daily life has become unmanageable. During the 35 hours of active therapies each week residents learn to self-manage their addiction and make positive changes.

Whether your goal is to end drug or alcohol dependence or to stop gambling, we start by assessing your condition, personal history and motivational challenges, addressing both immediate and ongoing concerns.

Finding Balance and Relief

To help you attain a healthy, holistic life balance we provide recreational activities, access to off-site meetings and self-development courses, and nutritionally balanced meals served by our talented executive chefs.

Clean, pleasant living quarters, on-site medical care and a compassionate staff of certified professionals make our Residential Treatment Center a comfortable “home base” for healing and lasting recovery. And because involving loved ones is integral to treatment, friends and family are urged to visit by attending our weekly family visiting time and participating in our family education support program.

A Friend in Your Corner

Bridgeway ensures that all individuals and their families are treated with dignity, compassion and encouragement. Individuals will receive personal support from our certified counseling and other trained staff—and from mentors, who themselves are experiencing a life free from addiction.

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