Adolescent Services

We’re here to help teens address substance abuse challenges and mental health concerns – because everyone deserves a good start.

It’s often easier to see errors in one’s judgment than to envision potential. We recognize that addressing problems, though important, is only part of our job of helping teens become all they’re capable of being.

As Unique as They Are

At Bridgeway we understand that every teen is unique and must learn skills their own way, at their own pace. That’s why our teen therapy programs are individualized and encourage mental, social, and physical well-being. Our skilled and certified counselors will co-develop a plan of care using a variety of services that include relationship-based counseling, multimedia and activity-based group interaction, life skills development, and social engagement.

Family Focused, Community Supported

We believe that establishing better relationships with adolescents and the adults who support them is essential to a teen’s recovery. Our family counseling and multi-family group sessions help engage all family members in a safe, supportive environment. And our partnership with IKE Box offers opportunities to extend the positive results of those efforts into the community at large.

The youth program values year-round events to build relationships and engagement with clients. Recently, we incorporated a video- and music-creation studio to offer teens prosocial activities. We are also incorporating narrative therapy through lyric-writing and music creation.

Youth also have the chance to participate in other community events where they assist in video and documentation and create promotional videos.

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…our teen therapy programs are individualized and encourage mental, social, and physical well-being…
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