Corrections Programs


No matter how you got here, we can help you get back on track.

Bridgeway’s Corrections Program is certified by the Oregon Health Authority, and provides rehabilitation services for those struggling with drug and alcohol problems, mental health symptoms, and criminal behavior that has led to justice system involvement.

Connected to the Community

We want to help get people on your side, and lower your risk of re-offending. As the treatment provider for Marion County Drug Court and a support for Marion County Mental Health Court, we collaborate closely with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office to facilitate communication with DHS workers, probation officers, and employers about your needs, challenges, and progress.

Professionally Centered, Peer Supported

Bridgeway ensures every individual is treated with dignity, compassion, and encouragement. Along with the services of our counseling and medical staff, individuals will receive personal support from certified drug and mental health recovery mentors who are also experiencing a life free from addiction. Their mission is to ease your transition and support your recovery by helping to facilitate safe living environments, employment opportunities, and social connections.

Programs Tailored to Your Needs

After your initial evaluation, we will create a treatment plan designed meet your specific needs and personal goals. The length of your care will depend on the progress you make in individual, group, and family counseling, and with intermittent drug testing.


Drug Court

Bridgeway provides treatment for individuals with drug-related felonies who are assigned to us by the Marion County Adult Drug Court program.

Our treatment team works in close collaboration with public professionals such as probation officers, attorneys, and judges. We also work with your DHS representative and Oxford House outreach coordinator to provide a treatment plan that will support your efforts to have pending charges dismissed upon completion.

Marion County Community and Re-entry Initiatives

Our substance abuse programs are designed for a variety of needs for our corrections involved clients.

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