Leadership Team

Tim Murphy portrait

Tim Murphy

Executive Director

Tim Murphy has over 30 years of experience treating individuals with mental illness and substance abuse issues. He has served as the Administrative Director of Psychiatric Services at Salem Hospital, and was one of the founders of Liberty House, a Child Abuse Assessment Center. From 2005 to 2008, Tim was on the faculty of the National Technical Assistance Center, and he also served as a national educator and trainer for SAMHSA.

Prior to establishing Bridgeway Recovery Services, Tim was the Chief Executive Officer of Maui Youth and Family Services on the island of Maui, HI. He is also the co-author of "Restraint and Seclusion: The Model for Eliminating their Use in Healthcare."

David Baker portrait

David Baker

Chief Finance Officer

David Baker's MBA degree and 35+ years of experience in nonprofit administration for finance and budget helps immensely in his role as Bridgeway's contracted Chief Finance Officer. His focus on funding, financing, and financial analysis has led him to work in administrative positions with both non-profit social impact organizations and in the state public health and social services system.
Renee Hancock portrait

Renee Hancock

Director of Human Resources

Renee Hancock has over 13 years of experience in human services and is dedicated to creating an organized culture where clients feel safe, supported and welcomed. Her role as the Director of Human Resources includes managing employee relations including recruitment and hiring, benefits and compensation, and overall human resource compliance. Additionally, she provides direct oversight of Bridgeway's administrative support team.

Tina Bialas portrait

Tina Bialas

Director of Behavioral Health

Tina Bialas has worked with individuals struggling with both mental health and addictions issues for nearly 20 years. Her areas of special interest include adult ADHD, drug court treatment programs, women’s issues in recovery, and the use of nutritional supplements in treatment. Tina is dedicated to empowering people to achieve healthy and functional lives through education, collaboration and support.

Melissa Butterfield portrait

Melissa Butterfield

Program Supervisor for Alcohol, Drug and Co-Occurring

Throughout her 30 year career Melissa Butterfield has worked alongside organizations like NARA and DHS Child Welfare where she's provided family therapy, clinical supervision, and program development. Her focus areas include addiction, family therapy, trauma-informed care, domestic violence, conflict resolution, family decision meetings, system of care, and multicultural approaches.

Char Tong portrait

Char Tong

Director of Quality Improvement

Char Tong has 28 years of experience in professional social work and health care management. Before joining Bridgeway's team, Char held various leadership positions including the Director of Mental Health Projects for a local federally qualified community health center. Her professional experience includes medical social work, veteran mental health, substance abuse and general social work, youth corrections, mental health and homeless services, and adult mental health services.

Isaac Vandergon portrait

Isaac Vandergon

Director of Finance

Isaac Vandergon brings over 15 years of Management and Finance experience as Bridgeway’s Director of Finance. In addition to his role in finance, Isaac also helps oversee many of the digital functions of the organization including the Electronic Health Record and employee Intranet portal. When not working, he enjoys volunteering in the community, spending time with his family, traveling, and enjoying the many outdoor offerings of the Pacific Northwest.

Dr. Robert Rosborough portrait

Dr. Robert Rosborough

Director of Medical Services

Dr. Rosborough has been Bridgeway's Medical Director since its inception in 2009. After graduating from OHSU medical school in Portland he began his primary care practice in Mollala, Oregon. When not attending to his patients Dr. Rosborough can be found on a lake, stream or river with a fly rod in his hand and his lab Fisher by his side.

Board of Directors

  • Patrick Vance - Chair
  • Sean Riesterer - Treasurer
  • James "Doc" Campbell - Secretary
  • Jeani Bockelman - Member at Large
  • Doug Cox - Member at Large
  • Judy Scott - Member at Large
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